AlgorithmsBias In Library Discovery

ProQuest Team Meeting, 12/12/17

Matthew Reidsma // Grand Valley State University

Search Trust

Screenshot of Summon search showing heart attack equated with myocardial infarction

Summon's Topic Explorer with Query Expansion

Screenshot of Summon search showing wrestle mania with query expansion showing bipolar disorder

Keyword matching of "mania" without regard for context

Screenshot of Primo suggesting that women are trash

Suggesting that a search for women was really a search for trash. From Damn You, Autosuggest

Screenshot of Summon suggesting that women in the workforce are a cause of stress

What causes stress in the workforce? Summon says it's women.

Screenshot of Summon suggesting that women in prison films is the only kind of film women are in

What about women in film? Sexploitation films, of course!

Screenshot of Summon suggesting a result for mental illness on a known item search for an lgbt title

It's not just experience algorithms.

Screenshot of Summon suggesting that virginity is the same as sexual abstinence

Query expansion suggesting that virginity and sexual abstinence are synonyms

Screenshot of Primo suggesting that child sex literature instead of childrens literature

Why would we suggest folks search for children's sex literature?? (From @Nadaleen)

Screenshot of Summon suggesting that rape is like hearsay evidence

Rape equated with hearsay evidence in Summon.

If a bad idea is to be converted into a good one, the source of its weakness must be discovered and repaired. A person falling into a manhole is rarely helped by making it possible to fall faster and more efficiently.

Joseph Weizenbaum

Weizenbaum, J. (1976). Computer Power and Human Reason: From calculation to judgment. New York: W. H Freeman and Company. p. 35

If the computer needs rules in order to work, then areas of knowledge in which rules had previously been unimportant must formulate them or perish.

Sherry Turkle

Turkle, S. (1995). Life on the Screen: Identity in the age of the Internet. New York: Simon and Schuster. p. 107

I will make my assumptions and oversights explicit.

Modelers' Hippocratic Oath

I understand that my work may have enormous effects on society, many of them beyond my comprehension.

Modelers' Hippocratic Oath

We need to fear the consequences of our work more than we love the cleverness of our ideas.

Mike Monteiro

How Designers Destroyed the World

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