GVSU University Libraries


What Library Term Are You?

By Hazel McClure and Gayle Schaub

How is your music collection organized?

It's in order by genre, instrument, and artist.

I have them in a big box that keeps them out of sight.

I've got some vinyl, a small cassette collection, some CDs and a ton of playlists. I'm ready for anything.

What music collection? I borrow from friends.

Playlists. Lots of playlists, created and named to match my mood.

I just listen to my Spotify daily mix.

I only go to live music events.

You should see my massive CD collection. They look beautiful on the shelves!

What's your go to weeknight meal?

Grab a tv dinner from the freezer.

Which weeknight? Monday: salad, Tuesday: tacos (of course), Wednesday, pizza, Thursday: Hotpocket, Friday: I go to Fresh.

Get leftovers from my very organized refrigerator.

Dominoes—they deliver!

I type the ingredients I have on hand into the computer and see what the internet comes up with.

Blue Apron delivers every week.

I prefer my food simple—just as it comes from the ground.

I go to the pantry, pull things from the shelf, and browse my options.

Your dream vacation is.....

I have a loooong list of places I want to visit, grouped by things like attractions, geography, and climate.

Spend an entire weekend at the Museum of History.

I've always wanted to stay in one of those Japanese capsule hotels where your bed is a little self-contained pod.

I like staycations—I bring entertainment, friends, and food right to me.

Easter island—it's the only place that meets all of my demanding criteria.

Hit the road and create my own adventure. I love to create memories.

I prefer short, frequent vacations.

I like to go someplace where I can interact with a vast variety of people, activities, and places.

How tidy are you?

My piles may look random, but I know exactly what's in every one of them.

Pretty tidy, but I'm a bit of a packrat. I have a ton of stuff in my parents' attic.

A place for everything and everything in its place—totally out of sight.

I'm totally tidy. I pay my roommate to clean the bathroom, and have a great drycleaning service, so no dirty clothes in my place!

It depends on: a) my mood b) my homework load c) the weather d) Netflix new releases

If I made the mess, I clean it up—same goes for you. That's my motto.

Everything is on a shelf in perfect order.

I clean my room once a month, whether it needs it or not.

Gossip, anyone?

I'm a skeptic. I ask a lot of questions and believe only some of what I hear.

Yes, please. I have every note anyone's passed me since 5th grade in a box under my bed.

No way. I prefer only to hear news from the source.

I'm always up for a good story. You have one? I'll give you my digits.

Nah. I think that other people's business is just that. Best left tucked away.

I like to stay informed. My friends are under strict orders to update me whenever they hear something good.

I check in with all my friends weekly to stay on top of what's going on around campus.

I love it! And I have a great memory for detail. I could start a blog called "Laker Lovenotes!"